A journey of betrayal

So I guess i should have expected this, Ive led a substantially less than perfect life. I makes sense that the straight and narrow would be more wonky and wide. To put you in the picture six months ago I met a man, he was nice, kind and everything you could hope for in a partner. He made real effort with my friends and we went out and explored together. This was the kind of relationship I had been dreaming of. Continue reading


Should I have had an abortion?

Over the last few weeks I have been looking back at the last 12 months as everybody does this time of year. While most will want to lose weight, be more disciplined, travel the world and the like, I have been thinking about my termination. I can’t help but thinking that maybe i didn’t make the right choice.

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Dating officially sucks

Its official everyone dating these days royally sucks. The amount of apps kicking about means everyone always thinks they can do better, or find someone who’ll do for the night. Its shit, you are constantly judged on the way you look, every decision you have made in your life is under the microscope. Where you live, what you do, how you spend your spend time and what you want from the future.

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So I went on a first date….

Given everything I’ve been through recently you would think that going on a date would be the last thing on my mind but in all honesty it was a much needed distraction. I met him on-line…. please don’t judge. He was older than me, Irish and works in the forces. It’s hard to put into words the nerves I felt…. I just wish it had gone as well as I had hoped. God this dating thing is hard haha Continue reading

Is it wrong to fall in love?

This is a question which I have asked myself today, more than once and in great detail. Is it wrong to fall in love? Most people would jump to the answer of no not at all. However is it wrong to fall in love with a married man? Most people would say yes. Is it wrong to fall in love with a married man who hides it from you, and by the time you find out you’ve already fallen in love? Continue reading