So I’m going to visit the boy in Ireland…

Im going to visit the boy from Ireland, I don’t know if I’ve told you about him. i think i have. Remember that went it comes to sensible ideas, i don’t have them… end of story. Im going next thursday, and I’m looking forward to it… or am i?

i have feelings for him and i make no bones about that, he is emotionally deficient and wouldn’t know a feeling if it came up and hit him in the face. you’re about to hear female logic at its highest.

So he doesn’t do emotions which means he doesn’t care, right? then why go to washington dc with me for four days? he always wanted to visit. Why is he letting me visit him? its easier than saying no. Why say your going to miss me? because thats what you think someone wants to hear and if you’re never going to see them why does it matter. Why ring me at work? he had legitimate work questions but he could have texted me. Why did he insult my accent? because he’s an arsehole. Why am i meeting his kid? because he can’t say no to his son.

ok so that may be less female logic, more the logic of a woman who has been fucked over so many times you see the worst in everyone. I like him and i know he is going to hurt my heart but break it, its been broken too many times for that but hurt it. i should never have suggested such a ridiculous idea, i should have let it die a death along with everything else but hey ho I’m fucked now.

but can we just stop on the fact that i am meeting his son, not a suggestion made by him i would like to point out. as i remember him telling me, he was telling his son that his friend from england was coming over for a few days. his son asked if i had a funny accent and he said yes and his son said he wanted to hear my funny accent. now i am meeting his son, why? just why? to all the men out there with children… can you answer me one question… why?



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