Getting on with my life….

So i know I haven’t posted anything in quite a long time and trust me I have so much to say. Rather than lie and say I just haven’t gotten round to it or that I kept meaning to post something, I’ll be honest…. 

I was busy having what can only be described as the time of my life. I spent four months working in the USA and it was incredible, while I was there I got to go to Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Washington DC and Niagara Falls. It is an experience that I struggle to put into words and when people ask me about it, I just say it is what it is because I mean how do you even begin to put something like that into words.

I promise I will talk about about each of my unique adventures and the wonderful people I met along the way.

However now I am back to reality and on the house hunt, I have never concerned myself so much with combi boilers, council tax and the bank of england base rate so much in my life. I didn’t even know where I wanted to live or whether I wanted a house or  flat. These are the few things I have come to realise along the way. One is that I don’t want another flat, ground/maintenance rent is a killer on top of your mortgage and I feel as though that what I did when I was a daft young adult and want something more solid and mature i guess, for want of a better word. Two location really does matter and three it all comes down to cost… yes i’d love a massive six bed house but that just isn’t going to happen. What I’m hoping for is a nice little three bed house somewhere that I can call my own. As don’t get me wrong I will be on the bones of my arse but I will have somewhere that is mine and I can feel as though I have achieved something pretty substantial by myself… I pay for this without the help of anyone else. When you’ve always relied on others, this is such an important feeling.

Work is well work, its a case of same old same old. I try to remain positive but its just that feeling of back to the daily grind, though I spend each day trying to think up at least one more way to make some more money.

If anyone has any money making or in fact money saving ideas I would love to hear them…..


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