So I’ve made it to America…

So for the next four months America is going to be my home. I’ve left my family and friends to work over here, part of me believes that it has come at the right time. A chance to get away from the drama and pain of my past. A chance to find myself again and who I want to be. On the other hand I can’t help but think what if I’ve made a terrible mistake, what if I hate it here. I haven’t started work yet and what if I just can’t do this. I’m stuck here for 112 days and that is a long time with no support system.

I’m scared of making a fool of myself, of the people I work with not liking me or thinking I’m weird. Now let’s be honest here I describe myself as unique and quirky.

The girl or to be more precise lady, once you get to 25 you can’t really call someone a girl, I’m sharing an apartment with is lovely. We’ve been on a shopping trip to New York today. A bit of girlie bonding, we went on the Staten Island ferry, to ground zero, Times Square and a good bit of shopping…. God help my credit card.

Though no blog from me would be complete without some man drama… More specifically a taken mans attention. I did not know this, but have not been flirting just trying to get to know more people. Though I am concerned about the slippery slope this could lead to. I need to manoeuvre myself out of this one without causing any offence for the following reasons –

  • Β I have a rule and for want of a better phrase “I don’t shit where I eat” this is my career and I am not having a negative opinion being dumped on me which could impact that, it’s just not worth it.
  • i don’t want anything to do with anyone who is taken in any way, shape or form.
  • I don’t want anything to happen with anyone, this trip is about me and my career and I just pray that this is all a positive experience for me.

5 thoughts on “So I’ve made it to America…

  1. Enjoy yourself! Please steer clear of the taken man. Like you said, it’s about your career and you don’t want to be side tracked. Work now and you’ll have ample time in the future to play later. 😊 have fun!


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