And Visa is Approved!!

So I’ve had to travel to London for a visa interview. It’s rather scary if I’m honest, but I guess all embassy’s are the same. Here’s some of the bizarre things I noticed being in the capital….So having made it to kings cross I found I’m a bit of a dab hand when it comes to the underground. I impressed myself. 

So was sitting on the tube reading the priority seating sign on the wall… I qualify for priority seating now I’m pregnant…. Huh that’s new. Also no one tells you how bloody exhausting it is, I feel physically drained of all energy everyday no matter how much sleep I get. That’s another story though.

Also asking for a subway sandwich with chicken, cucumber, sweetcorn, a insane amount of gherkins and honey mustard sauce raises some eyebrows.

I feel I should point out that as far as my pregnancy goes I haven’t made any decisions yet. I can’t describe in words how much you swing from one side to the other, it happens with such force. That you actually feel knocked off your feet, the evoked emotions are beyond anything that can be explained in words. Incomparable to any experience you can go through.

But back London, it’s odd to be in a city filled with people and yet you are never more aware of how alone you are. Of how alien you are to everyone around you. I suppose that is due to watching friends and family chatting away and you’re there on your own on work business. I can appreciate the closed in feeling you can have walking around the city centre. Everybody is racing from one place to another. London has a feel about it, an aura that is unlike any other city I have ever been to. It’s one I can’t quite put my finger but it makes you feel so big and yet so small in the same breath.

While sitting in subway, eating an equally bizarre sandwich, I was listening to the manager training what I can only amuse was a new recruit. When I first got served I thought the manager was quite ignorant but as I was sitting there I was listening to him teaching her how to explain prices. She would say five point eight zero, instead of £5.80, and it took her a while to say that. Not that I minded, I have patience for those who are learning I mean we were all there once. I looked at her thinking that takes bravely to go outside your comfort zone and struggle to make yourself better. He started pointing out different prices, saying how we break it down. What the decimal point means, don’t get me wrong it wasn’t perfect but she got the words out right. His support and encouragement made me smile, maybe there is hope for human kindness and togetherness.


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